Onilahy River

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Onilahy River
JNB-MRU 22.08.2009 13-16-31.jpg
Onilahy River estuary
Country  Madagascar
Cities Mandrofify, Ambolofoty
 - location near Betroka
Mouth Bay of Saint-Augustin
 - location Saint Augustin, Mozambique Channel
Length 525 km (326 mi)
Madagascar rivers.svg
Map of Malagasy rivers (Onilahy flows from the south-central part to the southwestern coast).

Onilahy is a river in Toliara Province, southern Madagascar. It flows down from the hills near Betroka to the Mozambique Channel. It empties at St. Augustin (23°34′00″S 43°45′00″E / 23.5666667°S 43.75°E / -23.5666667; 43.75Coordinates: 23°34′00″S 43°45′00″E / 23.5666667°S 43.75°E / -23.5666667; 43.75), and into the Bay of Saint-Augustin.

Two species of cichlids are endemic to the river basin, but Ptychochromis onilahy is probably already extinct[1] and the remaining range of Ptychochromoides betsileanus covers less than 10 square kilometres (3.9 sq mi).[2]


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