Oniniwa Tsunamoto

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In this Japanese name, the family name is Oniniwa.

Oniniwa Tsunamoto (鬼庭 綱元?) (1549 – July 13, 1640) was a Japanese samurai of the late Sengoku era through early Edo era. He was the son of Oniniwa Yoshinao. His half-sister, Katakura Kita was also Katakura Kagetsuna's half sister. Tsunamoto served the Date clan, and by the end of his life was the only Date retainer who was both older than and outlived Date Masamune.[1] Tsunamoto succeeded to the family headship following the death of his father at the Battle of Hitodoribashi in 1585. Deeply trusted by Masamune, he was made a senior retainer at the young age of 35. Together with Katakura Kagetsuna and Date Shigezane, Tsunamoto was known as one of the "Three Great Men of the Date Clan".[1] After the Bunroku Campaign, he assumed the name of Moniwa on Toyotomi Hideyoshi's orders, making his full name Moniwa Nobumoto (茂庭延元).