Online Blood Bowl League Manager

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Online Blood Bowl League Manager
Original author(s) Nicholas Mossor Rathmann & Niels Orsleff Justesen
Initial release 11 Nov 2007
Written in PHP, MySQL & Javascript
Available in English
License GNU General Public License

Online Blood Bowl League Manager (OBBLM) is an internet package mainly written in PHP & MySQL programming language and available under the terms of the GNU General Public License (GPL). Online Blood Bowl League Manager allows you to easily manage your blood bowl leagues tournaments, games, teams, players, skills and much more.


The project was started to fit the needs of Jystrup Blood Bowl League (JYBBL). JYBBL's earlier solution was a web site with static web pages written in HTML. Niels Justesen, league commissioner of JYBBL, wanted to create a dynamic web site with automatic database updates. Nicholas Mossor Rathman became a part of the project in the early beginning to lead the programming part.

Release history[edit]

The first official release occurred on 11 Nov, 2007 and it was labeled as version 0.1 alpha.


  • Star player and mercenary support added.
  • Major visual changes.
  • New PDF roster contributed.
  • Free for all league/tournament style added.
  • Statistics pages heavily updated with more fields.
  • LRB6 rule set implemented.
  • Hall of fame added.
  • Wanted players added.
  • Memorable matches added.
  • Player profile pages added.
  • Customizable player, team, coach and stadium logos and profile texts added.
  • Multiple ranking systems added.

2008-01-13 00:16:23 +0100 (Sun, 13 Jan 2008)

Now possible for league commissioner to add and remove extra SPP. Standings tables for each tournament now available. Player position typos corrected. Re-roll prices no longer static.

2007-12-10 00:52:53 +0100 (Mon, 10 Dec 2007)

New tournament types unlocked: Round Robin with final + semi-finals, Round Robin with no final, Knock-out tournament. Few typos corrected. Default skills are now also shown in coach corner.

2007-11-24 18:37:46 +0100 (Sat, 24 Nov 2007)

Improved IE support.

2007-11-22 23:16:51 +0100 (Thu, 22 Nov 2007)

Message handler updated and new Coach Corner features: Un-sell/un-buy, remove ach. skills.

2007-11-11 01:02:31 +0100 (Sun, 11 Nov 2007)

Alpha released. OBBLM rewritten in object-oriented style.


At the moment OBBLM is being developed further mainly by Nicholas Mossor Rathman with support of Niels Justesen, but more leagues are beginning to install OBBLM, and this results in design changes and implementation of house rules. In later releases, it will be possible to select which house rules a league wants to use, by marking boxes in the user interface.

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