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Online charging system (OCS) is a system allowing a communications service provider to charge their customers, in real time, based on service usage.


Event based charging[edit]

Event based charging function (EBCF) is used to charge events based on their occurrence rather than their duration or volume used in the event. Typical events are SMS, MMS, purchase of a content (application, game, music, video on demand, etc.).

Event based charging function is used when the CC-Request-Type AVP = 4 i.e. for event request ex: diameter-sms or diameter-.....

Session based charging[edit]

The session based charging function (SBCF) is responsible for online charging of network / user sessions, e.g. voice calls, IP CAN bearers, IP CAN session or IMS sessions.[1]

Account and balance management[edit]

The account balance management function (ABMF) is the location of the subscriber’s account balance within the OCS.

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