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Online charging system (OCS) is a system allowing a Communications service provider to charge their customers, in real time, based on service usage


Event Based Charging Function (EBCF)[edit]

Event Based Charging Function is used to charge events based on their occurrence rather than their duration or volume used in the event. Typical events are SMS, MMS, purchase of a content (application, game, music, video on demand, ...).

Event Based Charging Function is used when the CC-Request-Type AVP = 4 i.e. for Event Request ex: diameter-sms or diameter-....

Session Based Charging Function (SBCF)[edit]

The Session Based Charging Function is responsible for online charging of network / user sessions, e.g. voice calls, IP CAN bearers, IP CAN session or IMS sessions.

Account and Balance Management Function (ABMF)[edit]

The Account Balance Management Function (ABMF) is the location of the subscriber’s account balance within the OCS.

Rating Function (RF)[edit]


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  • Open Mobile Alliance (OMA) Charging V1.0 OMA Charging V1.0

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