Only One (Shinhwa album)

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This article is about the album by the South Korean boy band Shinhwa. For other uses, see The Only One.
Only One
Shinhwa Only One.JPG
Only One cover
Studio album by Shinhwa
Released May 27, 2000
Recorded 2000
Genre K-pop
Language Korean
Label SM Entertainment
Producer Lee Soo Man
Shinhwa chronology
Only One
Hey, Come On!

Only One is the third album by South Korean boyband Shinhwa, released on May 27, 2000. The album was delayed three months to give SM Entertainment's new group at the time, Fly to the Sky a chance to debut. The album's title song was released as the album's lead single, with "All Your Dreams", "First Love", and "Wedding March (Your Side)" being subsequent singles. Only One sold 423,873 copies[1] and reached number one on the Recording Industry Association Korea music chart.[2]


Information is adapted from the liner notes of Only One:[3]

No. Title Lyrics Music Arrangement Length
1. "Intro" J-Style (Bang Sung-joon), Eric Mun J-Style J-Style 1:24
2. "I Wanna Be" Yoo Young-jin, E. Mun Y.J. Yoo Y.J. Yoo 3:51
3. "Only One" Y.J. Yoo, E. Mun Y.J. Yoo Y.J. Yoo 3:51
4. "All Your Dreams" Kim Jin-kwon, Lee San-in, Kim Sang-dae J.K. Kim J.K. Kim 4:22
5. "First Love" Ji Kook-hyun, E. Mun K.H. Ji K.H. Ji 4:21
6. "Jam #1" Y.J. Yoo Y.J. Yoo Y.J. Yoo 3:23
7. "Never Come to Me" Seo Yoong-keun, Lee Woo-cheon, E. Mun Y.K. Seo Y.K. Seo 3:10
8. "Change" Lee Seung-ho, E. Mun Yoon Il-sang   3:55
9. "Vortex" Park Jae-sam, E. Mun J-Style J-Style 4:23
10. "White Night" Shin Hye-sung, E. Mun Park Sin-young Park Sin-young 3:58
11. "Cyber Love" Park Eun-hee Park Hae-woon H.W. Park 3:57
12. "Soul" Lee Min-woo, E. Mun M.W. Lee M.W. Lee 3:56
13. "To My Family" (Korean: 나의 가족들에게) Kim Dong-wan, E. Mun D.W. Kim D.W. Kim 3:43
14. "Wedding March (Your Side)" (Korean: Wedding March (너의 곁에서)) H.S. Shin, E. Mun Hong Sung-kyoo S.K. Hong 4:21

Music videos[edit]

In the music video, "Only One", the members can be seen dancing in a warehouse or in a dark place. They also wore various clothings, from a black suit to wearing grey pants only. In the music video, "All Your Dreams", in which Jun Jin stars as the main lead, the members of Shinhwa play various role. It also featured another SM Entertainment group, Black Beat as well as Kim Bomi. The music video tells the story of a man (Jun Jin) and a woman (Kim Bomi) who is giving off the image of being attracted to each other romantically. However, another man (play by a member from Black Beat) also show the same love interest in the woman as well, thus initiating a fight between Shinhwa and Black Beat towards the end of the music video. "First Love", unlike the other two, did not show Shinhwa dancing in a choreographed dance nor portray a story. It features instead various clips of Shinhwa, from practicing their dancing to having their concerts. "Wedding March", again starring Jun Jin as the main role, shows a man proposing to his love interest.

Chart performance[edit]

Chart Peak
South Korea Monthly Albums (RIAK) May 2000[2] 1
  • KOR: 423,873[1]
South Korea Yearly Albums (RIAK) 2000[1] 17

Release history[edit]

Country Date Distributing label Format
South Korea 23 May 2000 SM Entertainment, Synnara Records CD (SSM-043)[4]
Japan 1 August 2001 Avex Trax CD (AVCD-18014)[5]


Information is adapted from the liner notes of Only One:[3]

Album production[edit]

  • Lee Soo-man – producer
  • KAT - recording engineer, mixing engineer
  • Yeo Doo-hyeon - recording engineer, mixing engineer
  • Kim Young-hoon - recording engineer, mixing engineer
  • Rich Wenzel - recording engineer
  • Richard S. Vick - recording engineer
  • Yoo Young-jin - mixing engineer
  • Jeon-hoon at Sonic Korea - mastering engineer


  • Groovie K - "I Wanna Be", "Only One", "All Your Dreams", "Soul"
  • Sam Lee - "First Love" (electric guitar), "Cyber Love", "To My Family"
  • Ji Kook-hyun - "First Love" (programming guitar)
  • J-Style - "Vortex"
  • Ham Choon-ho - "Wedding March"


  • Lee Tae-yoon - "I Wanna Be", "First Love", "To My Family"


  • Shim Sang-won - "Wedding March"
  • Kim Hye-eun - "Wedding March"
  • Kim Woo-hyun - "Wedding March"


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