Only You (2002 TV series)

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Only You
Mandarin Pinyin Fei Ni Bu Ke
Main Cast Ruby Lin Chen Kun
Production Date 2001
Year Release 2002
Genre Fictional
Episodes 20

Only You (非你不可) is a Chinese series; The storyline surrounds an inevitable love triangle that unraveled during a Beijing summer. It stars Taiwanese actress Ruby Lin and Mainland actor Chen Kun.

Main Characters Summary[edit]

  • Ruby Lin as Si Jia Yi – Sunny girl who sells dolls as a living and has a big crush on Ke Lei.
  • Chen Kun as Ke Lei – Is Si Jia Yi’s high school friend and loves music.
  • Yang Xue as Su Yan – works in the hospital and is Ke Lei’s girlfriend.
  • Jin Li Li as Ke Qin – Ke Lei’s mother

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