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For the island, see Onne Islet

Onne also known as Onne-Eleme, is a town in Eleme and a port in Nigeria and one of the two prominent Nigerian ports for oil and gas exploration. It is bordered by the towns of Alode, Ebubu and Ngololo Creek, a tributary of Bonny River.[1]

Port and shipyards[edit]

Onne is a relatively major port in the region and has several quays with facilities for cargo ships up to 60,000 gt.[2] It is also the main base for the offshore activity in the region, and a large number of supply-vessels call at Onne every week. This section of the port is called Onne Oil and Gas Free Zone (OOGFZ) and contains several quays to cater to off shore supply vessels and a shipyard (WAS - West Atlantic Shipyard).[3] OOGFZ also contains Shell Nigeria Exploration & Production Company (SNEPC), one of the largest bases of Shell offshore in Africa including berths leased out to Exxon Mobil, Total S.A. and other oil companies.[4]

The port consists of three regions located adjacent to the Niger delta - Federal lighter terminal, Onne port complex and Federal ocean limited (which consists of facilities for offshore oil and gas supply vessels.[5]

Stores and freshwater are available as well as fuel and minor repairs. It also has a container terminal (WACT - West Africa Container Terminal) with a deep draft of 12 meters and frequented by vessels up to 4000 TEU in size belonging to Maersk lines and PIL and CMA CGM.[6][7]


The city is part of Odido District in Eleme Local Government Area of Rivers State, Nigeria. Onne has four clans, Agbeta, Alejor, Ekara and Ogoloma. There are other smaller settlements within Onne, such as Eyaa camp. The people of Onne speak Eleme language.

It has a small hospital which is usually used by oil companies. The nearest airport is at Port Harcourt.

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Coordinates: 4°41′23″N 7°09′28″E / 4.68972°N 7.15778°E / 4.68972; 7.15778