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For the island, see Onne Islet

Onne is a port of Nigeria. Onne is situated besides Ogu Creek, a side-arm to Bonny River. It is part of the Odido Clan in the Eleme Local Government Area of Nigeria. It is a major port in the region and has several quays with facilities for cargoships up to 60,000 grt. Onne is also the main base for the offshore activity in the region, and a large number of supply-vessels call at Onne every week. Stores and freshwater are available as well as fuel and minor repairs.

International hospital facilities used by the oil companies. The nearest airport is at Port Harcourt.

A few local bars Espionage, Seaside, Papa's Bush Bar and Cynthias are much frequented by European and American sailors.


It is connected by a 19 km (12 mi) long railway line from Port Harcourt. This railway has gauge convertible sleepers to allow easy conversion from 1067mm gauge to the standard gauge or 1435mm.

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Coordinates: 4°41′23″N 7°09′28″E / 4.68972°N 7.15778°E / 4.68972; 7.15778