Onnuri Community Church

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Onnuri Community Church
Onnuri Presbyterian Church
Country South Korea
Denomination Presbyterian
Churchmanship Protestant
Weekly attendance 41,500
Website www.onnuri.or.kr
Founded 1986
Founder(s) Yong Jo Hah
Senior pastor(s) Yong Jo Hah

Onnuri Community Church (sometimes stylized OnNuRi Community Church, abbreviated OCC, also called Onnuri, Onnuri Church, and Onnuri Presbyterian Church) is a local church in Seoul, South Korea that was founded by Yong Jo Hah, the church's senior pastor.[1] The main church building and administration housing cost millions of dollars to build[2] and are located in Yongsan District.[3] Onnuri is one of approximately 25 megachurches in Korea, and is an emerging church, engaging in postmodern modes of evangelism, organizational structure, and leadership.[4] The church was founded in 1986.[5] Onnuri took on much of Handong Global University's debt in the mid-1990s when the university was experiencing financial distress.[6] Onnuri is one of Korea's largest Presbyterian churches.[7] Onnuri occupies five different church buildings spread out over Seoul, encompassing congregations speaking ten different languages.[8] Onnuri English Ministry, spread out over three different church buildings, is the largest English-language Presbyterian ministry in Korea, employing seven part-time pastors and four full-time pastors.[9] The church's first evangelism conference was held in 2003.[5] By 2006, 46,000 adults were registered church members, 41,500 of which were in regular attendance of Sunday church services.[10]


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