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Ono was a biblical town of Benjamin in the "plain of Ono" (1 Chr. 8:12; Ezra 2:33). The modern Kiryat Ono is not to be confused with the biblical Ono. The bibilical town of Ono (1 Chronicles 8:12; Nehemiah 6:2) has been identified by most scholars with the Arab village, Kafr 'Ana, whereon is now built Or Yehuda.[1] The territory of Benjamin was known to stretch from a place around Jerusalem to the plains on the west.

Not succeeding in their attempts to deter Nehemiah from rebuilding the walls of Jerusalem, Sanballat and Tobiah resorted to stratagem, and pretending to wish a conference with him, they invited him to meet them at Ono. Four times they made the request, and every time Nehemiah refused to come. Their objective was to take him prisoner.


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