Onorati SMG

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Onorati SMG
Blueprints sheet
Type Submachine gun, Machine pistol
Place of origin Kingdom of Italy
Production history
Designer Umberto Onorati
Designed 1936, 1938
Caliber 9x19mm Parabellum
Action Blowback
Feed system 2 20-round detachable box magazines

The Onorati SMG is a 2 barrel italian prototype submachine gun.[1] A pistol calibre rifle variant also existed.[2]

Design details[edit]

The weapon was designed by Umberto Onorati; very little information of the weapon is available other than that. As no pictures of the actual weapon exist, it can be assumed that the weapon never advanced past prototype stages.The Onorati used a dual-bolt system and fed from two 20-round detachable box magazines inserted into the weapon.



The standard SMG with a wood stock; magazines are inserted into the weapon and stored under the handguard.


A machine pistol variant of the same weapon, which has a normal pistol grip instead of a stock acting as a grip.


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