Ontario English Catholic Teachers' Association

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Full name Ontario English Catholic Teachers' Association
Founded 1944
Members 45,000
Affiliation CLC, CTF, Ontario Teachers' Federation, EI, OFL, and Institute for Catholic Education
Key people Ann Hawkins, President
Office location Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Country Canada
Website oecta.on.ca

The Ontario English Catholic Teachers' Association (OECTA) is an organization that represents teachers in publicly funded Roman Catholic schools in Ontario, Canada. It is an affiliated with the Ontario Teachers’ Federation, the Canadian Teachers’ Federation, and Education International. While the CTF in general is not affiliated with the Canadian Labour Congress, OECTA directly affiliates itself with it as well as the Ontario Federation of Labour.

OECTA has more than 45,000 members as of 2013. Its mandate includes both the support of its members through the promotion of Catholic values, advocacy, collective bargaining, professional development & protection, and advocacy for the common good.

OECTA holds an annual meeting to elect officers, pass resolutions, and to amend its constitution, by-laws, policies, and procedures. The Provincial Executive meets on a monthly basis to administer the Association between annual meetings and to coordinate relations with the Ontario Teachers' Federation. A Council of Presidents representing all OECTA units meets three times per year (additionally at the call of the Provincial President) to advise the Provincial Executive, approve the association's bargaining objectives, and set the association's budget.


Name Took Office Left Office
Margaret Lynch 1944 1945
Very Reverend B.W. Harrigan 1945 1947
Raymond J. Bergin 1947 1948
Reverend Brother Thaddeus 1948 1949
Dorthea McDonell 1949 1950
Patrick Perdue 1950 1951
Mother Mary Lenore 1951 1953
Margaret Drago 1953 1955
Reverend C.L. Siegried 1955 1956
Mary W. Flynn 1956 1958
Sister M. Vincentia 1958 1960
Reverend J.H. Conway 1960 1962
Patrick O'Leary 1962 1963
Veronica Houlahan 1963 1964
Sister Frances McCann 1964 1965
Karl Bohren 1965 1966
Sister M. Aloysia 1966 1967
Ruth Willis 1967 1968
John Rodriguez 1968 1969
John Kuchinak 1969 1970
Marie Kennedy 1970 1971
Reverend J. Frank Kavanagh 1971 1972
James Carey 1972 1973
Robert Cooney 1973 1974
Léo Normandeau 1974 1975
Derry Byrne 1975 1977
Peter Gazzola 1977 1978
Doreen Brady 1978 1980
George Saranchuk 1980 1982
Kevin Kennedy 1982 1984
T. John Fauteux 1984 1986
Jim Cooney 1986 1988
Eileen Lennon 1988 1990
Michael Côté 1990 1992
Helen Biales 1992 1993
Clare Ross 1993 1995
Marilies Rettig 1995 1997
Marshall Jarvis 1997 1999
Jim Smith 1999 2001
Kathy McVean 2001 2003
Donna Marie Kennedy 2003 2007
Elaine MacNeil 2007 2008
James Ryan 2009 2011
Kevin O'Dwyer 2011 2013
James Ryan 2013 2015
Ann Hawkins 2015 present

Source: OECTA Report to Members, March 2008

  • Ruth Willis spent her entire teaching career with the Windsor Separate School Board, and was its first primary consultant. She held a Bachelor of Arts degree from Assumption University, and a Master’s Degree in Educational Psychology from Wayne State University in Detroit. She was secretary of OECTA’s Windsor District, before joining the provincial executive in 1965. She died on July 15, 2006, at age 91.[1]
  • John Kuchinak began teaching with the Metropolitan Separate School Board (later renamed the Toronto District Catholic School Board) in 1959, and was a principal from 1965 to 1989. In 1967, he chaired a convention entitled "The role of the Catholic school in a pluralistic society".[2] He received an Ontario Teachers' Federation Fellowship in 1979, and an OECTA Life Membership in 1991. He was known for his work on teachers, and in particular for his work in winning equal pensions for teachers who were members of religious orders. He died on November 29, 2005, at age 72.[3]

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