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Ontario Federation of Labour

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Ontario Federation of Labour
OFL trilium logo.png
Full name Ontario Federation of Labour
Founded 1944/1957
Members 700,000
Affiliation Canadian Labour Congress
Key people Chris Buckley, president
Office location Toronto, Ontario
Country Canada
The Ontario Federation of Labour offices in Toronto

The Ontario Federation of Labour is a federation of labour unions in the Canadian province of Ontario. The original OFL was established by the Canadian Congress of Labour in 1944. It was merged with the rival Ontario Provincial Federation of Labour in 1957 (now considered the modern OFL's founding date), one year after the merger of the CCL and the Trades and Labour Congress (the OPFL's parent federation). It is now the provincial federation of the Canadian Labour Congress.

Elroy Robson was the original OFL's first president and William Sefton was its first secretary-treasurer.

Policy conventions are held every two years. Today, the federation represents 700,000 workers who belong to its affiliated trade unions.

Officers of the OFL since 1957


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