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Ontario Genomics
Nonprofit organization
Founded Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Headquarters MaRS Discovery District
Website Ontario Genomics

Ontario Genomics is a not-for-profit organization that manages cutting-edge genomics research projects and platforms.[1]

Ontario Genomics acts as a catalyst for developing and applying genomic technologies across seven key sectors – agriculture, bioproducts, energy, forestry, health, mining, and water – to grow the province’s knowledge-based economy and create jobs and social benefits for all Ontarians.


Ontario Genomics (formerly the Ontario Genomics Institute) is a not-for-profit intermediary organization funded by the Ontario government and the federal research funding agency Genome Canada.

Established in 2000, following a landmark decision by the Canadian Government to support the science of genomics, Ontario Genomics is the only entity focused solely on stimulating, enabling and nurturing genomics innovation in the province of Ontario.

Since its inception, OG has:

  • Raised more than $1 billion for genomics research in Ontario and directly supported 7300 R&D jobs
  • Secured over $375 M federal Genome Canada funds, $103 M provincial (Ministry of Research Innovation and Science) co-funding, and $180 M direct industry investments for Ontario genomics research programs.
  • Sparked over 191 industry-driven R&D opportunities.
  • Brought 16 genomics companies to the “investor-ready” stage and helped secure $197 M follow on funding–helping these companies create 289 private sector jobs and generate $56.3 M in revenue

Core Activities[edit]

Ontario Genomics' mission is to spark, support and sustain Ontario’s genomics technology pipeline as a key driver of the province’s knowledge-based economy. To accomplish this, OG works with four key stakeholders: Researchers, Companies, Startups and Policy Makers.


OG works with researchers at Ontario institutions to help them access funding and find the right industry partners. Support services include:

· Working closely with scientists to develop competitive proposals for funding opportunities/

· Connecting researchers with the right partners to increase likelihood of success.

· Running small-scale internal competitions for proof-of-concept commercially oriented research projects.


OG works with established companies across seven sectors to understand their business challenges and help identify potential genomics solutions to boost productivity. Support services include:

· Connections with academic experts.

· Design and planning of collaborative proof-of-concept projects with academic partners.

· Access to Genome Canada funding and small-scale financing to de-risk technology development and adoption.


OG works with start-up companies in the genomics space to secure financing and grow. Services include:

· Business advice and mentoring.

· Connections with our network of industry partners and funders.

· An avenue to Genome Canada funding for joint projects with academic researchers.

· Small-scale proof-of-concept funding to facilitate follow-on investments.


OG works strategically with governments, educators, companies, researchers and other stakeholders to help them envision and embrace genomics innovation in their practices and help them act on relevant opportunities for Ontario. The goal of such work is to engender a culture with:

· An innovation-friendly regulatory system

· Proactive and anticipatory policies

· Scientific collaborations and synergies

· Engaged and informed young researchers

· Tooled and connected entrepreneurs

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