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Ontario Highway 43

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Highway 43 shield

Highway 43
Route information
Maintained by the Ministry of Transportation
Length154.2 km[1] (95.8 mi)
Existed1938–January 1, 1998[2]
Major junctions
West end Highway 7Perth
  Highway 15Smiths Falls
 Highway 416Kemptville
 Highway 31Winchester
East end Highway 34Alexandria
Major citiesPerth, Smiths Falls
TownsMerrickville, Kemptville, Winchester, Chesterville, Finch, Alexandria
Highway system
Highway 42Highway 44

King's Highway 43, also known as Highway 43, was a provincially maintained highway in the Canadian province of Ontario. On January 1, 1998, the entire route was transferred to the county that each section resided in, resulting in the current designations of Lanark County Road 43, Leeds and Grenville Road 43 and Stormont, Dundas and Glengarry Road 43. Highway 43 ran somewhat parallel to and between Highway 401 and Highway 417 from Highway 7 in Perth to Highway 34 in Alexandria, passing through several small towns along the way. At 154.2 km (95.8 mi),[1] it is the longest highway in Ontario to be decommissioned entirely during the mass transfer of Highways in 1997 and 1998.

Route description[edit]

Highway 43 began in the west at Highway 7 on the edge of Perth. It travelled eastward north of the Tay Canal and Lower Rideau Lake into Smiths Falls. After a brief concurrency with Highway 15 southwards, the route continued east nearby the Rideau Canal through Merrickville and Kemptville, meeting what was then a soon-to-open interchange with Highway 416 east of the latter.[3][4] The highway continued east, bypassing the communities of Winchester and Chesterville, jogging southwards several times. After bisecting Finch and skirting south of Avonmore, the route encountered Ontario Highway 138 before entering Monkland. After passing north of Loch Garry, Highway 43 entered Alexandria, ending at an intersection with Highway 34 (Main Street) in the centre of the town.[3]


Highway 43 was established in 1934, travelling between Highway 31 near Winchester to Highway 34 in Alexandria. In 1961, the Department of Highways extended Highway 43 westward 39 mi (63 km) to Highway 7 in Perth. East of Smiths Falls, the new highway was created using existing county roads.[5] To the west, it assumed the previous route of Highway 15 to Perth. The route remained unchanged for the next 36 years until it was decommissioned entirely on January 1, 1998 as part of a series of budget cuts initiated by premier Mike Harris under his Common Sense Revolution platform. It was the longest King's Highway to be removed entirely from the system during these cuts, known as downloading (although Highway 2 lost significantly more of its length). Jurisdiction over the roadway was transferred to the counties and city that Highway 43 crossed: Lanark County, Smiths Falls, the United Counties of Leeds and Grenville and the United Counties of Stormont, Dundas and Glengarry.[2]

Major intersections[edit]

The following table lists the major junctions along Highway 43, as noted by the Ministry of Transportation of Ontario.[1] 

LanarkPerth0.00.0 Highway 7
Port Elmsley12.98.0County Road 18 (Port Elmsley)
Smiths Falls21.613.4 Highway 15 north
22.013.7 Highway 15 south
Montague30.418.9County Road 23 (Rosedale Road)
Leeds and GrenvilleMerrickville-Wolford40.425.1County Road 15 (St. Lawrence Street)
42.426.3County Road 23Western junction with County Road 23
North Grenville48.230.0County Road 23Eastern junction with County Road 23
53.633.3County Road 25
Kemptville59.737.1County Road 44 (Prescott Highway)
North Grenville61.438.2County Road 19 (Rideau River Road)
62.338.7 Highway 416 (Veterans Memorial Highway) – Ottawa, BrockvilleExit 34
62.939.1County Road 24
65.340.6County Road 22 (South Gower Drive)
Stormont, Dundas and GlengarryNorth Dundas72.044.7County Road 1 north (Reids Mills Road)
74.346.2County Road 1 south (Mountain Road)
81.650.7County Road 3 (Inkerman Road)
85.453.1County Road 31 north – OttawaFormerly Highway 31; beginning of concurrency with County Road 31
89.055.3County Road 38 (St. Lawrence Street)
89.555.6County Road 31End of concurrency with County Road 31
96.660.0County Road 9 (Loucks Road)
Chesterville98.461.1County Road 37 (Queen Street)
100.462.4County Road 7
North Dundas – North Stormont boundary104.665.0County Road 11 (Boundary Road)
Finch112.569.9County Road 12 north (Crysler Road) – Crysler
112.670.0County Road 12 south (Victoria Street)
North Stormont119.974.5County Road 14 (Finch – Roxborough Boundary Road)
Avonmore122.976.4County Road 15
Monkland130.280.9 Highway 138Cornwall
North Glengarry137.685.5County Road 20 north (Highland Road) – Maxville
139.486.6County Road 20 south (Apple Hill Road) – Apple Hill
144.289.6County Road 30 (Greenfield Road)
151.794.3County Road 45 (Kenyon Dam Road)
Alexandria154.295.8County Road 34Former Highway 34
1.000 mi = 1.609 km; 1.000 km = 0.621 mi


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