Ontario Medical Association

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Ontario Medical Association
OMA Logo.jpg
Abbreviation OMA
Motto Dedicated to Doctors. Committed to Patients.
Formation 1880
Type Professional Association
Headquarters Toronto, Ontario, Canada
More than 39,000 [1]
Official language
Dr. Ved Tandan [2]
Key people
Ron Sapsford, CEO



The Ontario Medical Association (OMA) is a membership organization that represents the political, clinical and economic interests of the Ontario physicians. Practicing physicians, residents, and medical students enrolled in any of the six Ontario faculties of medicine are eligible for OMA membership. The OMA frequently works closely with patients across Ontario to encourage healthy living practices and illness prevention


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The Ontario Medical Review[edit]

The OMR is the flagship publication of the OMA and acts as a vital conduit for disseminating and promoting information regarding all OMA programs and services, as well as any unique and/or ongoing activities undertaken on half of Ontario physicians and patients. Published 11 times a year, the OMR provides in-depth coverage of the issues and developments that affect the practice of medicine in Ontario, including legislative affairs, health-care policy, professional issues, health technology, business and finance, and practice management.

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