Ontario Ministry of Citizenship and Immigration

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Coordinates: 43°39′37.8″N 79°23′4.2″W / 43.660500°N 79.384500°W / 43.660500; -79.384500

Ministry of Citizenship and Immigration
Ministère des Affaires civiques, de l'Immigration et du Commerce International  (French)
Government ministry overview
Formed 2003
Dissolved 2018
Jurisdiction Government of Ontario
Headquarters 6th Floor, 400 University Avenue, Toronto, Ontario[1]
Minister responsible
Website www.citizenship.gov.on.ca

The Ministry of Citizenship and Immigration is responsible for citizenship, immigration and international trade issues in the Canadian province of Ontario. Overall immigration and citizenship policy is still held by the federal government.

The position of Minister of Citizenship and Immigration in the Executive Council of Ontario (or provincial cabinet) is held by Laura Albanese. A sub-agency of the ministry, the Ontario Women's Directorate, is overseen by the Minister responsible for Women's Issues, currently the Honourable Tracy MacCharles.

2007 spending controversy[edit]

The Ministry of Citizenship of Immigration (Ontario) was accused of using immigrant aid money as a slush fund by directing it to groups with strong Liberal-ties.[1][2] The Ontario Auditor General probed $32 million of spending over a 2-year period and found no direct evidence of money flowing due to political ties, but that political ties did exist and there were various governance deficiencies.[3] (see also, Economic impact of immigration to Canada#Government finances)

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