Ontario Provincial Confederation of Regions Party

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Ontario Provincial Confederation of Regions Party
Active provincial party
PresidentMurray Reid
FoundedApril 26, 1989 (1989-04-26)
Headquarters274 Stone Road
RR 2
Renfrew, Ontario
ColoursGreen, yellow
Seats in Legislature0

The Ontario Provincial Confederation of Regions Party is a minor political party in Ontario, Canada, the provincial branch of the now-defunct Confederation of Regions Party of Canada. The party was founded in 1989, around the time the federal CoR was dissolved, and remains the last Confederation of Regions Party in Canada.

The CoR survives only in Ontario, though once a national movement whose original raison d'être was to promote the rights of regions other than Ontario and Quebec, now it advocates for regions within Ontario. It has reinvented itself twice: in the 1990s, first in campaigning across mainly rural regions of Ontario with targeted policies, before in the 2000s finding resonance in Northern Ontario and Northeastern Ontario, where it continues to play a minor role in provincial elections.

Party platform[edit]

The party campaigns on the promotion of direct democracy, protection of Canadian heritage and environmental sustainability, while opposing urban sprawl onto farmland, big business and unionization. The party's proposed health care plan would "give individuals more responsibility over their own health care", however, it would not support a two-tier health care system.

If elected, the party would hold a referendum on the French Language Services Act, and halt all multicultural funding.

Election results[edit]

Results of recent elections for the Legislative Assembly of Ontario:[1]

Election results
Election year No. of
overall votes
% of
overall total
No. of
candidates run
No. of
seats won
+/− Government
1990 75,873 1.9 33
0 / 130
New Party Extra-parliamentary
1995 14,108 0.04 6
0 / 130
= Extra-parliamentary
1999 282 0.01 2
0 / 103
= Extra-parliamentary
2003 293 0.01 1
0 / 103
= Extra-parliamentary
2007 446 0.01 2
0 / 107
= Extra-parliamentary
2011 559 0.01 3
0 / 107
= Extra-parliamentary
2014 551 0.01 2
0 / 107
= Extra-parliamentary

In the 1990 election, CoR candidates in Algoma, Cochrane South, Nickel Belt, Sudbury, Sudbury East and Sault Ste. Marie placed ahead of Ontario Progressive Conservative Party candidates. The party rapidly declined in popularity, receiving less than 0.01% of the popular vote in the 1999, 2003, 2007, and 2009 elections.

The party was only able to field two candidates in the 2014 election. Fauzia Sadiq, the party's candidate in Timmins—James Bay campaigned on a platform of eliminating property taxes, cutting government positions & introducing two-year term limits.[2] Sadiq received 61 votes. The party's only other candidate was long-time candidate and party president Murray Reid in Renfrew—Nipissing—Pembroke who received 490 votes.

Party leaders[edit]

Dean Wasson has been the party's only leader, heading the party in the 1990 election. The party has not fielded a leader in any subsequent election, considering itself to be a grass roots organization, and will choose a leader if the party wins seats. The party's one candidate nominated in the 2003 election, Richard Butson, was cited as the de facto leader. After Butson's death in 2015, Eileen Butson was named as president of the party.[3] Murray Reid is now referred as the de facto leader of the party and president as of 2018.


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