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Installation of the Western Digital's EZ Drive, on a 3.5-inch floppy disk.

Disk Manager is discontinued software (that was a popular 1980s and 1990s) and documentation package for MS-DOS and PC DOS computers, useful for self-installing personal computer hard disks. It was written by Ontrack, a company later acquired by Kroll Inc.

Installation covered different aspects:

Drivers could be either DOS-type, or replacement master boot record code.

Diskettes with Disk Manager were provided by some disk manufacturers (e.g. IBM), in custom OEM versions, supporting all of their models.

In recent years Kroll switched to the business of providing computer disk data recovery services as Kroll Ontrack Data Recovery.

Version history[edit]

Version 5.0 for Windows was released on 2004-06-23.[1] It includes DOS versions of Ontrack Disk Manager and Ontrack Data Recovery.

Competing products[edit]

Other products that, like Disk Manager from OnTrack Computer Systems, perform hard drive geometry translation to circumvent BIOS limitations:[2]

  • SpeedStor from Storage Dimensions
  • EZ-Drive from Micro House (also distributed by Western Digital)


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