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The front of the Onuka Station building (2006-09-17)
Onuka Station looking toward Bingo Ochiai Station (2006-09-17)
Onuka Station looking toward Tōjō Station (2006-09-17)
Onuka Station platform sign (2006-09-17)
Platform 2 at Onuka Station, no longer in use (2006-09-17)

Onuka Station (小奴可駅?, Onuka-eki) is a JR West Geibi Line station located in Onuka, Tōjō-chō, Shōbara, Hiroshima Prefecture, Japan. Onuka Station is a kantaku station.


Station building, platform and environs[edit]

Onuka Station features one platform. Two platforms used to be in operation, handling two lines, but after one of the lines ceased operation, the second platform stopped being used.

Shōbara's Onuka Elementary School is located nearby.

Highway access[edit]

Connecting lines[edit]

All lines are JR West lines.

Geibi Line
Uchina StationOnuka StationDōgoyama Station

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Coordinates: 34°59′41″N 133°12′40″E / 34.99472°N 133.21111°E / 34.99472; 133.21111