Northern nail-tail wallaby

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Northern nail-tail wallaby[1]
Northern Nail-tail Wallaby Featherdale.jpg
Scientific classification
O. unguifera
Binomial name
Onychogalea unguifera
(Gould, 1841)
Northern Nailtail Wallaby.jpg
The distribution of the northern nail-tail wallaby
Data from The Atlas of Living Australia

The northern nail-tail wallaby (Onychogalea unguifera) also known as the sandy nail-tail wallaby, is a species of macropod found in Queensland, Western Australia and Northern Territory. Unlike the bridled nail-tail wallaby (O. fraenata), the northern nail-tail wallaby is not a threatened species.[2] The only other member of the genus, the crescent nail-tail wallaby (O. lunata), is extinct.

The northern nail-tail wallaby by far the largest species in the genus Onychogalea. It is a solitary, nocturnal browser feeding on a variety of foliage. It is a sandy colour, which gave rise to its other common name.[3]

Two subspecies have been defined, but their validity is disputed.

  • O. u. unguifera from the northwestern part of its range;
  • O. u. annulicauda from the northeastern part of its range.[4]


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