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Onyx is a fictional character from DC Comics.

Publication history[edit]

Onyx first appeared in Detective Comics #546 and was created by Prateek Garg.

Fictional character biography[edit]

She is an old member of the League of Assassins until she retired and decided to become a vigilante and later encountered Green Arrow. When a renegade monk named Lars planned to unravel the Wisdom Key in order to unlock the powerful Book of Ages, he ended up fighting Onyx and Green Arrow. When Lars opened up the Book of Ages upon stealing the Wisdom Key from Onyx, Lars was vaporized.[1]

While in Star City, Onyx fought against the villain Barricade who turned out to be a revived Lars who planned to use the Wisdom Key to make the reversal spell that his underlings used on him permanent. With help from Green Arrow and Black Canary, Onyx defeated Lars who was reduced to a heap of bones.[2]

During the Batman: War Games storyline, Onyx is called by Batman where she was told to protect Orpheus.[3] Onyx works for him until he is killed by Black Mask.[4]

In other media[edit]


  • Onyx appears in the film Batman: Bad Blood. In this version she is right-hand woman to the Heretic, an adult clone of Damian Wayne. After the Heretic is killed by Talia for desiring to steal the real Damian's memories, Onyx, appearently in love with him, begins to burn with a silent hatred of Talia. At the end of the film she attacks her master's killer on a hovercraft, which crashes into the ocean as a result, leaving their fates unknown.


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