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Onyx Path Publishing
Industry Role-playing games
Founded 2011[1]
Website theonyxpath.com

Onyx Path Publishing (aka The Onyx Path) is a role-playing game company that produces licensed products as well as company-owned and creator-owned games.


The name "The Onyx Path" and the company's logo appeared on White Wolf products and their message board in early 2012. There was some speculation about their meaning before the company went public with their plans during GenCon in August 2012.[1][2][3]

The company had already been founded in January 2012[1] by White Wolf Creative Director Richard Thomas,[4] and is licensee for White Wolf's World of Darkness lines (Classic World of Darkness and New World of Darkness),[4] as well as Exalted.[4] The company also bought outright the Trinity Universe and Scion games from White Wolf/CCP Games.[4] As such, Onyx Path Publishing will release the titles that were previously announced by White Wolf for the 2012/2013 schedule. Products will be made available through DriveThruRPG electronically (PDF files) and physically via DriveThruRPG's print on demand service.[4] In addition to that, Onyx Path Publishing has used the crowd funding service Kickstarter to raise money for deluxe editions of some of their new products.[4][5][6]

Onyx Path Publishing is also developing original games, including Cavaliers of Mars by Rose Bailey[3] and Pugmire by Eddy Webb.[7] The homepage of Onyx Path Publishing also provides guidelines to send in material, in case one would want to have one's own game to be published by them.[8]


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