Oochy Woochy

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"Oochy Woochy""
Single by Graham Coxon
from the album The Golden D
Released November 2000
Format 10"
Recorded Matrix & Mayfair Studios
Genre Jazz fusion, indie rock
Length 4:24
Label Transcopic Records
Songwriter(s) Graham Coxon
Producer(s) Graham Coxon
Graham Coxon singles chronology
"Oochy Woochy""
"Thank God for the Rain" / "You Will Never Be"
"Oochy Woochy"
"Thank God for the Rain" / "You Will Never Be"

"Oochy Woochy" is a song by Graham Coxon and was featured on his second solo album, The Golden D. In late 2000 the song was released as a promotional single from that album in the United Kingdom with another album track, "That's When I Reach for My Revolver", serving as the B-side (see 2000 in British music).

The song is of a jazz fusion nature, but certain points of the song resemble shoegazing. The song is notable for suddenly "starting" roughly 30 seconds into the song, after a very quiet intro. It is also quite notable for sounding "out of place" on its home album The Golden D.

Its release date is officially unknown, the popular Blur fansite "Viekko's Blur Page" gives the release as June 2000, but many other sources say November 2000. Some sources also give October 2000.

Track listing[edit]

  • Promotional single 10" 10RDJ6541
  1. "Oochy Woochy" - 4:24
  2. "That's When I Reach for My Revolver" - 3:58

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