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Stephen Ooi Boon Ewe (simplified Chinese: 黄文优; traditional Chinese: 黃文優; pinyin: Huáng Wén Yōu; born 14 November 1958) is a Singaporean politician and a perennial candidate. He is most notable for attempting to contest various elections, general and presidential, without a record of success.


Ooi was reportedly a former private tutor and property executive.[1]


Ooi entered the political arena in the presidential elections in 1999. He submitted eligibility forms to the Elections Department who later declined to issue a certificate of eligibility.

Ooi contested Joo Chiat SMC in the 2001 General Elections as an independent candidate, against People's Action Party incumbent Chan Soo Sen. He garnered 3,038 votes (16.45%).

Ooi attempted to seek presidential candidacy for the second time in the presidential elections in 2005. His application for the Certificate of Eligibility was rejected by the Presidential Elections Committee due to his lack of experience and ability required by the Constitution.[2]

In 2006, he formed the People's Liberal Democratic Party, four days after Nomination Day of the 2006 general election. He was thus unable to contest the election.

In 2011, Ooi sought to contest Sengkang West SMC in the 2011 General Elections, and attempted to promote himself by singing an impromptu election jingle on television.[3] One of his assentors did not turn up on Nomination Day and was unsuccessful in attempting to seek a replacement from the crowd. He then left the nomination centre without submitting his nomination papers.[4]

Ooi decided on a third run for the presidential election in 2011. As the constitution requires presidential candidates to be nonpartisan, Ooi had to resign from the PLDP. He submitted his forms on 11 July,[5] and was found to be ineligible because his application was incomplete and he had asked for a waiver from certain requirements set forth by the constitution, which the Elections Department claims it has no power to do.[6]

Ooi was the first to collect nomination paperwork for the Singaporean by-election 2013 in Punggol East.[7] Ooi dropped out of the hustings when he failed to file nomination papers on Nomination Day. He claimed that he had lost his political donation certificate, in addition to failing to find assentors, and having his driver abscond with the deposit.[8] He launched into a profanity-laden rant when interviewed after the defeat, accusing the mainstream media of discriminating against independent candidates.[9]

Ooi applied to contest in the presidential election of 2017. However, his application was rejected due to the election being reserved for candidates from the Malay community.[10]


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