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Ooidonk Castle from the rear
Ooidonk Castle from the left
Ooidonk Castle on the Ferraris map (around 1775)

Ooidonk Castle (Dutch: Kasteel Ooidonk) is a castle in the city of Deinze, East Flanders, Belgium. The castle is the residence of the current Count t'Kint de Roodenbeke. Ooidonk Castle is situated at an altitude of 11 meters.


Ooidonk is already mentioned in 1230 : "Nicolas, chaplain of Hodunc".

A fortress was first built on the site of the present castle, intended to defend the city of Ghent and to fortify the river Leie. This fortress was owned by Jean de Fosseux, lord of Nevele.

The castle is destroyed, a first time, in 1491 by the people of Ghent in revolt against Maximilian of Austria.

In 1568, Philippe II de Montmorency-Nivelle (Montmorency), Count of Hornes, Lord of Nevele, owner of the estate, is beheaded, with the Count of Egmont, by the Duke of Alba in Brussels.

In 1579, during the wars of religion, the castle, defenseless, is destroyed by the Ghent Calvinists.

The ruins and lands will be acquired by a notable from Antwerp, a great merchant doing business throughout Europe, Martin della Faille. He rebuilds the castle in a Renaissance spirit and transforms it into a place of residence in the Hispano-Flemish style.

In 1864, the castle and the lands that surround it are acquired by Henri t' Kint de Rodenbeke who will become President of the Senate and Minister of State. He restored and transformed the castle.

He is now the private property of Count Henry t'Kint de Roodenbeke, son of the late Count Juan t'Kint de Roodenbeke. The family, who have owned the castle since 1864 when Henry's ancestor, Henri t'Kint de Roodenbeke, bought it, enlarged it, without altering the playful side of the Renaissance style.

In 1944, the castle was protected as a monument. In 1980, other constructions around were classified and in 1995, all the field. The castle Ooidonk is open to the public from April 1 to September 15, the park (French garden) can be visited all year round.

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