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Flag of Oostburg
Coat of arms of Oostburg
Coat of arms
Oostburg in de gemeente Sluis
Oostburg in de gemeente Sluis
Coordinates: 51°19′35″N 3°29′35″E / 51.32639°N 3.49306°E / 51.32639; 3.49306
Country Netherlands
Province Zeeland
Municipality Sluis
Population (1 January 2015) 4,731
Website www.oostburg.nl (in Dutch)

Oostburg (Zeelandic Flemish: Wòstburg) is a town in the south-western Netherlands. It is the largest town in the municipality of Sluis, in the province of Zeeland. As of 1 January 2015, its population is 4731, down from 5008 in January 2005. It received city rights in 1237. Before 1 January 2003, Oostburg was also the name of a municipality. It merged with Sluis-Aardenburg to form the new municipality of Sluis. The municipality covered an area of 224.93 km², of which 1.05 km² was water. As well as the town of Oostburg, the former municipality also included the following towns, villages and townships:

Oostburg is typically a tourist town very close to the beaches at Cadzand. Every Wednesday is market day all year round but in the summer the town is a very busy place with lots of fun events happening.

The unicorn[edit]

Oostburg's symbol is the unicorn, from which the townsfolk are said to derive strength and courage. In reality, the unicorn's presence is represented by a sculpture produced by the sculptress Liesbeth Messer-Heijbroek who for many years, with her husband, lived in the area: she evidently took inspiration from the name of a former inn. The sculpture has been repositioned at least once since it first appeared during the period postwar reconstruction in 1952, and at one stage adorned a small car park. Currently it shares with a modern fountain a spot in "Eenhoornplantsoen" (Unicorn Place) beyond the northern end of the old market square in the town centre.

Oostburg Unicorn after letter boxes turned orange.JPG

WW2 Monument[edit]

During world war 2 approximately 140 Oostburg townsfolk died and most of all the buildings, shops and churches were destroyed. This monument is a tribute to them and the rebuilding of the town. Around the lower part of the monument are the names of all the people that perished.

World War 2 Monument in Oostburg.jpg

Coordinates: 51°20′N 3°30′E / 51.333°N 3.500°E / 51.333; 3.500