Oosterflank metro station

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Rotterdam Metro station
Metrostation Oosterflank.jpg
Coordinates 51°56′45″N 4°33′16″E / 51.94583°N 4.55444°E / 51.94583; 4.55444Coordinates: 51°56′45″N 4°33′16″E / 51.94583°N 4.55444°E / 51.94583; 4.55444
Owned by RET
Platforms Side platforms
Tracks 2
Opened 1983
Preceding station   Rotterdam Metro   Following station
Line A
Not on evenings and early weekend mornings
toward Binnenhof
Line A
Evenings and early weekend mornings only
Line B
toward Nesselande

Oosterflank is a subway station on Rotterdam Metro lines A and B, and is situated in the northeastern part of Rotterdam, in the borough Prins Alexander. The station is named after the neighbourhood Oosterflank, situated just east of the subway station.

This station was opened on May 28, 1983 when the East-West Line (also formerly the Caland line) was extended from its previous terminus Capelsebrug. Note that this section uses overhead wires to provide traction power.

At Oosterflank station, passengers can transfer to RET-buslines 36 and 37.