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Mantis ootheca

An ootheca /.əˈθkə/ (pl. oothecae /.əˈθs/) is a type of egg mass made by any member of a variety of species (usually insects or mollusks).

The word is a Latinized combination of oo-, meaning "egg", from the Greek word ōon (cf. Latin ovum), and theca, meaning a "cover" or "container", from the Greek theke. Ootheke is Greek for ovary.

An ootheca usually contains many eggs surrounded by a foam of protein which may then harden into a tough casing for protection. Notable ootheca-making insects are the mantis and cockroach.

It is formed by secretion of collateral glands,over 16 fertilised eggs are arranged in 2 rows of 8 each.They are found in genital pouch of female cockroach or mantis.

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