OpConnect Electric Vehicle Charging System

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Industry Software Engineering
Founded 2001
Headquarters Portland, Oregon
Key people
Dexter Turner, President & CEO
Divisions Electric Vehicles
Slogan Built for Today – Ready for Tomorrow
Website www.opconnect.com

OpConnect, LLC[edit]

OpConnect Electric Vehicle Charging System, or OpConnect EVCS, is a charging solution for electric vehicles. It is designed and manufactured by OpConnect LLC, a subsidy of Optimization Technologies, Inc. OpConnect EVCS consists of a smart grid enabled charging station for electric vehicles and proprietary battery charge-management software and other back-office support. The product was introduced in August 2009 at Plug-In 2009, an international event focused on plug-in hybrid electric vehicles and their supporting infrastructure.[1] OpConnect's mission is to promote a greener future through continued deployment of its electric vehicle charging network helping businesses and people to reduce their carbon footprints.

Charging Stations[edit]

The OpConnect EVCS is one of several providers of what the emerging industry calls Electric Vehicle Support Equipment, or EVSE, specifically charging stations. The OpConnect EVCS supports charging up to four vehicles simultaneously using either Level 1 (120VAC) or Level 2 (240VAC) charging. The stations use the standard NEMA 5-20 and J1772 charging receptacles. The OpConnect EVCS has multiple features including a reservation system,[2] social media integration,[3] advertising capabilities, and iPhone app.[4] The OpConnect charging stations can be accessed using credit/ debit cards, Wright Express Fleet cards,[5] OpConnect member cards and mobile payments.[6] The company promotes itself as a solution to “range anxiety,” a purported problem in which consumers would be reluctant to purchase electric vehicles for fear of running out of battery power in the middle of a driving trip. The OpConnect stations feature digital screens that also run advertising.[7]

Station Locations[edit]

OpConnect has stations installed in seven states across the United States including Oregon, California, Maryland, Washington DC, Virginia, Michigan, and Hawaii.[8] OpConnect has installed stations at multiple Enterprise Rent-a-car locations and at multiple Department of the Navy locations.

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