Op Hoop van Zegen

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For the film adaptations, see Op Hoop van Zegen (films).

Op Hoop van Zegen (Dutch for "Trusting Our Fate in the Hands of God"), is a 1900 Dutch play, taking place in a fishing village, with the conflict between the fishermen and their employer ending in tragedy with the unsound boat setting out to sea and sinking with all hands and the owner pocketing the insurance money. It is still staged, and remains the most popular play by Dutch dramatist Herman Heijermans. The socialist Heijermans is considered to have meant the play as a criticism of the entire capitalist system, though some present-day productions downplay this radical approach.

Herman Heijermans (1864–1924) was the leading Dutch dramatist at the close of the 19th century and a writer of strong realistic and socialistic tendencies who single-handedly brought Dutch theatre into the modern time.

There are four films based on the play. The most recent was made in 1986, featuring Danny de Munk as Barend.

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