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OpenCandy from SweetLabs, a company based in San Diego, is an advertising software module consisting of a Microsoft Windows library that can be incorporated in a Windows Installer. When a user installs an application that has the OpenCandy library, there is an option to install additional software that it recommends (based on a scan of the user's system and geolocation).[1][2]

The software was originally developed for the DivX installation, by CEO Darrius Thompson. When installing DivX, the user was prompted to optionally install the Yahoo! Toolbar. DivX received $15.7 million during the first nine months of 2008 from Yahoo and other software developers, after 250 million downloads.[2]

Chester Ng, the former DivX business development director, is chief business officer and Mark Chweh, former DivX engineering director, is chief technology officer.[2]

OpenCandy has attracted criticism because of privacy concerns.[3] Past versions of OpenCandy were considered adware by Microsoft Security Essentials as they "may send user-specific information ... without obtaining adequate user consent".[4] OpenCandy has claimed that this is because another company used OpenCandy without the formal warning in their EULA.[5]

Applications known to use or have used OpenCandy[edit]


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