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Developer(s)Revelation Software
Initial release1992
Stable release
10.0.1 / April 2018; 4 years ago (2018-04)
Operating systemWindows
WebsiteRevelation Software

OpenInsight is a database application development tool from Revelation Technologies. It was first released in 1992; the current version is 10.0.1, released in March of 2018.[1]

OpenInsight is a windows-based development tool. It contains its own database which is a type of post-relational database known as a MultiValue database. OpenInsight contains tools for creating database applications that can run on Windows workstations, Windows, Linux, and Novell networks, and browser-based applications. The tools include, but are not limited to, a Table Builder, a Database Manager, editor, debugger and programming language, a forms designer for creating data entry forms, User Interface tools, reporting tools, and deployment tools.[2]

OpenInsight's programming language is called Basic+, and is an extension or dialect of the BASIC programming language. OpenInsight applications can use data from Revelation Software's built-in database, or they can use data from SQL Databases, from Rocket Software's Rocket U2 databases,[3] as well as TigerLogic's D3 database.

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