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OpenLearning Logo.png
Type Proprietary Limited Company
Online education
Headquarters Sydney, Australia
  • Theo Julienne
  • Richard Buckland
Slogan(s) Experience Online Learning. The Social Way :)
The best way to teach and learn online
Registration Required
Users 211,417 (June 2015)[1]
Launched 12 March 2013; 2 years ago (2013-03-12)
Current status Active

Open Learning Global (previously known as Open Learning) is a for-profit educational technology company offering a social online learning platform that can deliver massive open online courses (MOOCs). OpenLearning was founded in Australia by Theo Julienne and computer science professor Richard Buckland from the University of New South Wales.[2]

OpenLearning has worked with the University of New South Wales and Taylor's University to deliver the first MOOCs in Australia and Malaysia respectively.[3]

In December 2013, OpenLearning launched a cloud based software product for companies to create private educational portals on its platform.[4]

In February 2015, OpenLearning raised $1.7 million in funding led by angel investor Clive Mayhew. ASX-listed ICS Global, Robin and Susan Yandle, and Hideaki Fukutake, the director of Japanese education company Benesse Holdings.[5]

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