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Brand (of IBM)
Industry Governance, Risk, and Compliance
Risk Management
Compliance Management
Operational Risk Management
IT Governance
SOX Compliance
Internal Audit Management
Fate Acquired
Founded 1990
Founders Scott Killoh, Warren Ondras
Defunct 2010 (2010)

OpenPages is a GRC Software produced by IBM.

In 1996, Amherst, Massachusetts-based American Computer Innovators (ACI, a company founded May 1990[1]) began developing an electronic publishing system for news publishers and other media companies. The software was eventually marketed as an enterprise content management system under the brand/product name OpenPages Composer. Customers at the time included dozens of news publishers around the U.S. such as The Day Publishing Company, Daily Press, Chicago Tribune, Miami Herald and many more. In August, 2000, American Computer Innovators was officially renamed Openpages,[2] and the computer hardware sales and repair portion of the business was spun off as Amherst Computerworks in June 2001.[3] The company was significantly restructured during 2000-2001, and under new management its offerings were marketed as Governance, Risk, and Compliance software and services sold to enterprise customers. Over the decade that followed OpenPages attracted more than 200 customers including Barclays, Duke Energy, and TIAA-CREF.[4]

On October 21, 2010, OpenPages was officially acquired by IBM.[5] OpenPages joins software brands Cognos and SPSS to form the Business Analytics division of the IBM Software Group. The OpenPages name continues to be applied to IBM's line of Governance, Risk, and Compliance products.

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