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Original author(s) openthinclient gmbh
Stable release
2.1 / November 4, 2015; 2 years ago (2015-11-04)
Written in Java
Platform Java SE
Available in English, German
Type Thin client
License GNU General Public License

openThinClient is an open-source thin client solution. It includes a Java-based management software and a Java-based server component. The software can be downloaded from the internet free of charge and is licensed under the GNU General Public License (GNU-GPL). openThinClient is being developed to administrate medium to large numbers of thin clients.

Main features[edit]

  • Server centralized, reduces administrative work to a minimum. It only needs a NIC that supports PXE, but no local mass storage like Flash or HDD.
  • It saves all config files in the LDAP database which is integrated in the openThinClient server or in a MS ADS.
  • Written in Java which enables the software to run on many different platforms.
  • It is open source.

openThinClient operating system[edit]

The openThinClient OS is based on an Ubuntu (operating system) Linux distribution which has been optimized for devices without hard disks. Booting and configuration are based on protocols like LDAP, DHCP, PXE, TFTP, NFS.

Management GUI[edit]

open ThinClient provides a comprehensive Java based GUI which enables administrators to manage all aspects of the thin clients in their network. On top of that it makes the integration of LDAP or MS ADS possible. openThinClient differs from other thin client solutions in the following points:

  • protocols based on industrial standards and technologies
  • integrates itself seamless in existing system management solutions like LDAP and MS ADS
  • powerful management GUI which supports many different thin clients
  • needs no specialized thin client hardware
  • different typical thin client applications exist as premade packages like ICA-Client and RDP-Client

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