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Original author(s)Raúl Alonso Álvarez
Preview release
1.0 beta 3 / 5 June 2000; 21 years ago (2000-06-05)
Written inC++ OpenGL
Operating systemCross-platform
TypeEducational software Simulation
LicenseGNU GPL

OpenUniverse is a 3D Solar System simulator created by Raúl Alonso Álvarez. It allows the user to travel both in space and time through a fairly accurate representation of the Solar System, including all planets and their major moons, some asteroids (using 3D models based on actual data) and a few classic spaceships (both real and fictional). Distributed under the terms of the GNU General Public License OpenUniverse is free software.

OpenUniverse was designed with portability in mind and it is known to run on many platforms. While typically distributed in source code format there are binaries available for most Linux distributions through their package management system.

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