OpenView Venture Partners

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OpenView Venture Partners
Industry Venture capital
Founded 2006 (2006)
Founder Scott Maxwell
Headquarters Boston, Massachusetts, United States
Key people
Scott Maxwell
George Roberts
Adam Marcus
Dev Ittycheria
Daniel Demmer

OpenView Venture Partners is an American venture capital firm based in Boston, Massachusetts, United States. OpenView specializes in expansion stage software, new media, Internet, and technology enabled companies.[1][2]


OpenView was founded by Scott Maxwell in 2006 in Boston Massachusetts.[3]

Expansion stage companies have a solid growth rate and achieving $500,000 to $5,000,000 in quarterly sales. The firm seeks to invest in companies that are located anywhere in the world and have a strategy of dominating the North American market. The firm typically invests $5 to $15 million in growth capital.[4]

Joining Maxwell on the leadership team were Venture Partner George Roberts, former EVP of North American Sales at Oracle, Managing Directors Adam Marcus and Dev Ittycheria, and Operating Partner Daniel Demmer.[5][6] OpenView currently manages $780 million in assets.[7] The firm specializes in offering value-add assistance OpenView Labs to its portfolio companies, focusing on the areas of recruiting/onboarding, decision support, and go to market strategy.[8] OpenView Venture Partners also maintains a wide network of senior advisors including Jeff Sutherland,[9] Joe Pulizzi,[10] Bill Price,[11] Chuck Linn,[12] Luke Hohmann[13] and Jeremy Aber[14]


OpenView provides capital to a range of dynamic companies, including AtTask, Balihoo, Central Desktop, Datadog,[15] ExactTarget (acquired by (, Exinda, FieldAware, Intronis,[16] Instructure, Kareo,[17] Loyalty Lab (acquired by Tibco), Mashery (acquired by Intel), Monetate, NextDocs, Open-e, PlateSpin (Acquired by Novell),[18] Prognosis Health Information Systems, Reality Digital, ScriptLogic, Signpost, Skytap, Socrata, Sonian, Spredfast, UnboundID, uSamp, UserTesting, VersionOne, Xtium and Zmags.[19]


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