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The Open Access Button is a browser bookmarklet which registers when people hit a paywall to an academic article and cannot access it.[1] It is supported by Medsin UK and the Right to Research Coalition.[1]

A prototype was built at a BMJ Hack Weekend.[2][3] All code is openly available online at GitHub.[4]

A beta version of the Open Access Button was officially launched on 18 November 2013 at the Berlin 11 Satellite Conference for Students & Early Stage Researchers.[5] It records instances of hitting a paywall, and also provides options to try to locate an open access version of the article.[6] In April 2014 a crowdfunding campaign was started to build a second version.[7]

The second version of the button was launched on 21 October 2014 as part of open access week.[8]

In February 2015 the Open Access Button and its co-founders, David Carroll and Joseph McArthur ("the button boys"), were awarded a SPARC Innovator Award by the Scholarly Publishing and Academic Resources Coalition (SPARC).[9]

The third version of the button was launched on 28 October 2016, again, as part of open access week. [10]

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