Open Bar Entertainment

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Open Bar Entertainment
Parent company Open Bar Entertainment
Founded 1995
Founder Xzibit
Distributor(s) eOne Music
Genre Hip Hop
Country of origin US

Open Bar Entertainment is a record label founded in late 1995 by Los Angeles rapper Xzibit.

Xzibit stated "I started a label called Open Bar Entertainment, being that I gotta take advantage of everything that's happening around me right now, I just feel like Likwit Crew never got our fair share in the market place. Whether it was us, whether it was the promotion, whether it was the label...that's not for me to argue about. But what I can do is, since I got my hands around the opportunity, I'll of course, embrace my family members and bring them to the table with me. The first person I signed was King Tee. I also signed Defari and I'm bringing the Golden State Warriors over there. So I'm gonna go ahead and we're going to develop them, and bring them into the circle, putting my family together, coming out correctly." [1]

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