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Open Canada Cup
Most successful club(s)Toronto Olympians (3 titles)

The Open Canada Cup was an annual knock-out cup competition in Canadian Soccer. The competition was first held during the 1998 season as the CPSL League Cup. It was organized by the Canadian Soccer League (formerly the Canadian Professional Soccer League) originally as a league cup for CSL member clubs.[1] After operating the competition for several seasons as an exclusive tournament the league's ownership decided in 2003 to grant accessibility to all Canadian professional and amateur clubs.[2] The decision was influenced by the lack of initiative by the Canadian Soccer Association in providing a potential candidate for the CONCACAF Champions' Cup.[3]

Further reforms consisted of a title sponsorship with the Government of Canada, and the inclusion of a financial reward for the overall champion.[4][5] Subsequently the tournament managed to attract several notable amateur, and professional clubs with credentials from the USL First Division, Canadian National Challenge Cup, Ligue de Soccer Elite Quebec, and the Ontario Cup.[6] In 2007, the competition reached its zenith as it expanded westward to include clubs from British Columbia with the inclusion of the champion of the British Columbia Provincial Soccer Championship.[7] In 2008, the prize money was increased, but after the creation of the Canadian Championship the competition was disbanded.[8] Since the establishment of the Canadian Championship CSL teams have not participated in the tournament which determines the Canadian entry into the CONCACAF Champions League.

Throughout the history of the tournament Canadian Soccer League teams have dominated the competition with the exception of Ottawa St. Anthony Italia in the 2006 season.[9] Toronto Olympians were the most successful club with 3 titles. David Gee is the most successful head coach in the history of the competition, having won three titles as head coach of Toronto Olympians.

Competition format[edit]

In central Canada, cup ties were played on a one-game knock out basis and were held over the Victoria Day, Canada Day, Civic Holiday and Labour Day long weekends. The British Columbia regional games were held in early August with the winner participating in the Labour Day tournament finale. Drawn matches went directly to extra time, and if necessary, a penalty shootout.

2008 Cup cancelled[edit]

On April 29, 2008, it was announced that the 2008 edition of the Open Canada Cup would not take place as originally scheduled.[10] The CSL was evaluating the relevance of the competition in light of the creation of the Canadian Championship for the Voyageurs Cup.

Cup lapsed[edit]

The announcement that the 2008 edition of the Open Canada Cup had been cancelled also suggested that the Cup might return in 2009. Although no formal announcement has been made, the success of the Canadian Championship and the fact that no Open Canada Cup competition was held in 2009 suggests that the competition has ended for good.

List of winners[edit]

Year Winner Score Runner-up
1998 Toronto Olympians
Gus Kouzmanis Goal 44', Goal 66'
Eddy Berdusco Goal 66'
3–0 St. Catharines Wolves
1999 Toronto Olympians
Chris Handsor Goal 40'
Elvis Thomas Goal 62', Goal 66'
3–0 Toronto Croatia
2000 Toronto Olympians
Elvis Thomas Goal 4'
1–0 St. Catharines Wolves
2001 Ottawa Wizards
Abraham Osman Goal 9'
1–0 Toronto Supra
2002 Ottawa Wizards
Kevin Nelson Goal 66'
2–0 Toronto Croatia
2003 London City
Eris Tafas Goal 30'
1–1 (aet) 4–2 (p) Metro Lions
Craig Patton Goal 84'
2004 Windsor Border Stars
Tati Errecalde Goal 25'
1–1 (aet) 4–2 (p) Ottawa St. Anthony Italia
Egar Soigo Goal 11'
2005 Windsor Border Stars
Radek Papiez Goal 49', Radek Papiez Goal 51'
Tino Scicluna Goal 82'
3–0 London City
2006 Ottawa St. Anthony Italia
Abraham Osman Goal 55', Goal 81'
2–0 Toronto Lynx
2007 Trois-Rivières Attak
Nicolas Lesage Goal 53'
Danny Anderson Goal 74', Goal 81'
3–0 Columbus Clan FC

Performance by Club[edit]

Club Winners Runner-Up Winning Years
Toronto Olympians 3 - 1998, 1999, 2000
Ottawa Wizards 2 - 2001, 2002
Windsor Border Stars 2 - 2004, 2005
London City 1 1 2003
Ottawa St. Anthony Italia 1 1 2006
Trois-Rivières Attak 1 - 2007
St. Catharines Wolves - 2 -
Toronto Croatia - 2 -
Toronto Supra - 1 -
Metro Lions - 1 -
Toronto Lynx - 1 -
Columbus Clan FC - 1 -


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