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Open Forum is an Australian public policy blogging website hosted by Global Access Partners.


The site was launched after a 2007 survey [1] suggesting it would be an official government-run service.[2] (Correction - Open Forum was always intended as an independent, non-partisan, not-for-profit project. It is an initiative of Global Access Partners It subsequently launched as an online think-tank [3] (with some support from the Australian Government,[4] and operated by Global Access Partners.[4]) It has managed, nonetheless, to attract writing from high-profile public figures, including Federal Parliamentarians such as Tony Abbott [5] and Tanya Plibersek.[6]

The site has hosted many online consultations including a NSW Strata Laws Online Consultation in 2012,[7] a National Regulatory Reform Survey with the Queensland Office for Regulatory Efficiency in 2011[8] and several more.[3]


Open Forum solicits articles and opinions from Australian policy-makers, business leaders, academics and the general public alike. The site claims:

It provides a platform for focused dialogue on social, political, economic, environmental and cultural issues and challenges.[4]

Anyone can join for free.[9] Contributions are free and unpaid. They are not immediately published. Posts must first be reviewed by the Editor of Open Forum. The current Editor of Open Forum is Svetlana Stankovic.

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