Open Hand

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Open Hand
Origin California, USA
Genres Indie rock
Progressive rock
Years active 1999–present
Labels Trustkill/Anondyne
Website Open Hand Rocks

Open Hand is a Californian indie rock band. The band was formed in Hollywood in 1999 by guitarist/vocalist Justin Isham, bassist Michael Anastasi and drummer Alex Rodriguez. They released two EPs on its own American Propaganda label, Radio Days (1999) and Evolutions (2000). After touring to support the two EPs with the bands Thursday, MxPx, From Autumn To Ashes, Grade and The Juliana Theory, they signed with Trustkill Records in 2002. In 2003, Trustkill issued The Dream, a collection of the band’s out of print EPs. They released the album "You and Me" in 2005, the band went on to tour extensively all over the world between 2005- 2007. Open Hand released "Honey" (Anodyne Records) on 4/20/2010. After the release of "Honey", the band went through some line-up changes eventually scaling back to a power trio after expanding into a 7 piece. In November 2011, the band began a two-week tour in Canada to celebrate the release of their new mini-EP "The Mark Of The Demon" (Blacktop Records). Open Hand is currently writing new material and working on a new record tentatively titled 'Weirdo'

Current line-up[edit]

Previous members[edit]

  • Breanne Martin (Breanne Wahl) - vocals, keyboards
  • Alex Rodríguez - drums
  • Sean Woods - guitar
  • Beau Burchell - guitar
  • Michael Anastasi - bass
  • Paxton Pryor - drums
  • Zach Kennedy - bass
  • Jeff Myer - bass
  • Jason Gerken - drums
  • Drew Marcogliese- drums
  • Sam Hoskins - drums
  • Steve Riley - drums


  • Radio Days (self-released EP, 1998)
  • Evolutions (self-released EP, 1999)
  • The Dream (2000)
  • Live At CBGB (2002)
  • You and Me (2005)
  • Honey (2010)
  • The Mark Of The Demon (EP, 2011)

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