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Open Media Framework (OMF) or Open Media Framework Interchange (OMFI) is a platform-independent file format intended for transfer of digital media between different software applications.

The following applications are known to support OMF importing and/or exporting:

Avid systems generally store video in OMFI format, and audio in AIFF.

The OMFI is a common interchange framework developed in response to an industry-led standardisation effort (including Avid – a major digital video hardware/applications vendor)

Like QuickTime, the primary concern of the OMFI format is concerned with temporal representation of media (such as video and audio) and a track model is used.

The primary emphasis is video production and a number of additional features reflect this:

  • Source (analogue) material object represent videotape and film so that the origin of the data is readily identified. Final footage may resort to this original form so as to ensure highest possible quality.
  • Special track types store (SMPTE) time codes for segments of data.
  • Transitions and effects for overlapping and sequences of segments are predefined.
  • Motion Control – the ability to play one track at a speed which is a ratio of the speed of another track is supported.

The OMFI file format incorporates:

  • Header – includes indices for objects contained in file
  • Object dictionary – to enhance the OMFI class hierarchy in an application
  • Object data
  • Track data

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