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Open Sans
Open Sans sample.svg
Category Sans-serif
Classification Humanist
Designer(s) Steve Matteson
Foundry Ascender Corporation
Date created 2010[1]
Date released 2011[2]
License Apache License 2.0

Open Sans is a sans-serif typeface designed by Steve Matteson and commissioned by Google. According to Google, it was developed with an "upright stress, open forms and a neutral, yet friendly appearance" and is "optimized for legibility across print, web, and mobile interfaces."[3] Its design is almost identical to that of Droid Sans, with the exception of wider characters and the inclusion of italic variants. Whereas Droid Sans is used primarily in the user interfaces of some Android phones, Open Sans is used in some of Google's web pages as well as its print and web advertisements.

Open Sans is available in a large number of variants for a font with an open license. There are 5 variants for weight (300 Light, 400 Normal, Semi-Bold 600, Bold 700 and Extra Bold 800) and each one has an italic version, totaling 10 variants. There is also a separate font called Open Sans Condensed with 3 width variations.[4]


Open Sans is also becoming popular in modern flat design.[5]

It is used as Mozilla's default typeface for websites[6] and in Telegram Desktop app.

Unicode coverage[edit]

The character repertoire contains 897 glyphs.


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