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OpenOffice or open office may refer to:



  • (OOo), a former open-source office software suite, originally based on StarOffice
  • Apache OpenOffice (AOO), a derivative of OOo by the Apache Software Foundation, with contribution from IBM Lotus Symphony

Other derivatives of OOo:

    • LibreOffice, a derivative of OOo by The Document Foundation
    • NeoOffice, a Mac-specific derivative of OOo by Planamesa Software
    • StarOffice (briefly renamed Oracle Open Office after Oracle acquired Sun), a discontinued commercial proprietary office suite acquired by Sun Microsystems


  • OpenOffice Basic, (formerly known as StarOffice Basic or StarBasic or OOoBasic), a dialect of the programming language BASIC

File formats[edit]

  • OpenDocument, also known as Open Document Format for Office Applications (ODF), a widely-supported standard XML-based file format originating from OOo
  • XML, a file format used by earlier versions of
  • Office Open XML, a competing file format from Microsoft


  • Open plan office, a floor plan
  • Open Document Architecture (ODA), document interchange format (CCITT T.411-T.424, equivalent to ISO 8613)
  • OpenDoc, an abandoned multi-platform standard for compound documents, intended as an alternative to Microsoft's Object Linking and Embedding (OLE)