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Openda Ltd.
Industry Computer software
Founded Cirencester (1997)
Headquarters Swindon, United Kingdom
Key people
Nathan Bell Managing Director[1]
Products Openda QX
Openda QXLite

Openda Ltd. is a software provider that offers Supply Chain software for small to medium enterprises. Openda was established in 1997, when it was called P.A.L. (Progress Accord Limited).

The Company[edit]

Openda is based in Brinkworth, Wiltshire in the UK, and provides a complete supply chain/ERP solution called 'QX' for small to medium-sized wholesale, manufacturing and distribution businesses. The company was established in 1997, when two multimillion-pound supply chain companies put a joint proposal together to produce a complete and integrated solution and this was the base of the solution.

Over the intervening years, the company's customer base has grown to include companies not only in the UK but also Europe, Canada and the USA. Currently, the customers who use Openda's software trade in a large range of products, from high specification lot-traceable cabling and wiring, medical and beauty care, through to time-critical food products like milk and cream, to toys, packaging, and very high volume low cost plumbing goods.

Openda can bespoke develop aspects of their solution for each client on an individual basis without them losing its core functionality or having to wait for an annual upgrade to be performed. This enables very specific processes to be automated or streamlined into the product as when required.


Openda uses Progress OpenEdge Advanced Business Language for the database backend.[2]

The front end is unique because it is a very thin client, entirely developed by Openda in Visual Basic. By going around the object-oriented offering provided by Progress itself, almost all processing is actually done by the back-office server, leaving the user's PC free to run other programs with little or no interference.

The main hardware for servers running Openda's software system is provided either by IBM or Dell, with the Red Hat distribution of Linux as the preferred operating system.


Openda QX is the main product marketed at the moment and is offered on a SaaS model if required. Alongside this product there are a range of supporting services

  • Business Continuity & Disaster Recovery – including replacement of equipment, backups, restoration of systems in the event of a disaster.
  • Online backups – an essential part of any business operation.
  • Infrastructure Management - fully managed and supported infrastructure service for multi site orientated Customers.
  • Hardware – advice and sourcing of hardware requirements for Customers including a configuration/installation service.


Openda QX is a broad ERP application covering business functions as diverse as CRM, ERP, ecommerce, customer support through actual order status and tracking, accounting, inventory management, warehouse management, purchase forecasting and scheduling, mobile invoicing, complete salesman notation, email marketing, document image processing and multiple document output formats.[3]

Also, the system includes a user tasks and memos feature, as well as having the ability of alerting on stock, orders, customers and suppliers.

The system includes a diverse list of generic reports as standard, with customisations and new reports designed if needed.

For customers that require it, Openda QX has the ability to send invoices and receive orders via EDI, which would appear to be lacking in the nearest major competitors, such as Sage and NetSuite.[3]

QX is also has fully traceable works order and bill of materials solution for manufacturing and kitting operations. QX has full batch control of components including time, batch, piece, labour & machine related costing. By use of both component and finished goods warehousing, QX ensures tight control and accurate evaluation of the kitting and manufacturing process.


Openda gained ISO-9001 approval in 2006.[1]

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