Operating System Concepts

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Operating System Concepts Texbook
Cover of the Dinosour book (1982 edition)
Author Abraham Silberschatz and James Peterson
Country United States
Language English
Subject Computer Science
Publisher Addison-Wesley
Publication date
Media type Print
ISBN ISBN 978-0-201-06097-3

Operating System Concept Texbook, by Abraham Silberschatz and James Peterson, is a classic textbook on operating system. It is often called the Dinosaur book. The First Edition of the book had on the cover number of dinosaurs labeled with various old operating systems. The bigger dinosaurs were labeled with the older big OSs. The ape-like creature was labeled UNIX. The idea was that like dinosaurs, operating systems evolve!

The book has been published in updated editions since 1983. As of 17 December 2012 the textbook is in its ninth edition.

The cover of all nine editions is available at http://codex.cs.yale.edu/avi/os-book/OS9/covers-dir/index.html. The Third Edition added the author Peter Galvin and the Sixth Edition added the author Greg Gagne.

The history of the book is described at http://galvin.info/history-of-operating-system-concepts-textbook/.