Operation: Jet Fusion

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Operation: Jet Fusion
Written by Steve Oedekerk
John A. Davis
David N. Weiss
Directed by Mike Gasaway
Starring Debi Derryberry
Frank Welker
Rob Paulsen
Jeff Garcia
Carolyn Lawrence
Crystal Scales
Andrea Martin
Megan Cavanagh
Mark DeCarlo
Michael Clarke Duncan
Wendie Malick
Christian Slater
Tim Curry
Dan Castellaneta
Ving Rhames
Original language(s) English
Producer(s) Keith Alcorn
Running time 82 minutes
Original release October 13, 2003 (USA)
Followed by My Big Fat Spy Wedding

This article is about the Jimmy Neutron telefilm. For the videogame of the same name, see Jimmy Neutron: Jet Fusion.

Operation: Jet Fusion (also known as Operation: Rescue Jet Fusion) is a 2003 telefilm of The Adventures of Jimmy Neutron: Boy Genius television series. It was followed by a sequel titled My Big Fat Spy Wedding in 2005.


Jimmy, Carl, and Sheen went to a movie theater to watch a Jet Fusion movie. After the movie, they get more tickets to the movie. In school, Jimmy is called to go to the principal's office, only to find himself being taken to an organization called Big Top Secret Organization (BTSO for short). Commander Baker, the leader of the organization told Jimmy that their No. 1 agent Agent X is missing. His tracking device was buried somewhere in Pacific Ocean. The professor shows Jimmy his gadgets, but Jimmy prefers to use his own inventions.

Jimmy decides to have Carl and Sheen as his sidekicks. In the Pacific Ocean, a missile hits them, and they decide to go underwater to search for Agent X's tracking device. Jimmy finds the device, and is rescued by a woman named Beautiful Gorgeous. However, Jimmy and the gang escape from her after learning that Beautiful was going to vaporize them.

In Mt. Everest, Jimmy is captured, and sees X revealing himself to be none other than Jet Fusion, who was captured by Professor Finbarr Calamitous. Meanwhile, Carl and Sheen are taken to safety. Calamitous reveals his plan that he plans to flood the earth by melting the snow from Mt. Everest only to find that he did not finish his movie. Also, a lady appears who happens to be none other than Beautiful gorgeous, Calamitous's daughter.

Calamitous orders Beautiful to strap Jimmy and Jet to a pendulum. Jimmy and Jet are able to escape, and confront Beautiful who easily beats up Jet. Jimmy hypnotizes Beautiful and escapes. Jimmy and Jet are able to stop Calamitous's plot, but he has a backup plan. Calamitous and Beautiful chase Jimmy and Jet, who uses his door as a snowboard.

Just then, the two villains were apprehanded. The monks tells Jimmy that Sheen is the Chosen One by putting his right leg on his right shoulder.


  • When Jimmy, Carl, and Sheen are swimming underwater, there is a pineapple in the background. This is a reference to SpongeBob SquarePants and his pineapple home.
  • In the scene where the giant clam is chasing the boys through the maze-like structure is a reference to the arcade game Pac-Man.
  • The monks take Carl and Sheen to a place called Shangri-llama when they are on Mount Everest. This is a play on the word Shangri-la.
  • The monks look like the Jawas from Star Wars
  • The Jet Fusion movie is called "Die Again Tomorrow Forever ". This title is a play on actual James Bond films, Die Another Day, Never Say Never Again, Tomorrow Never Dies and Diamonds Are Forever.
  • The two villains in the Jet Fusion movie resemble Ernst Stavro Blofeld and Auric Goldfinger.
  • The film in which Jimmy imagines he stars is called "From Retroville With Love". A play on From Russia With Love. The space setting of the imaginary film is also a play on a James Bond film, Moonranker
  • When Jimmy is sucked into the locker, revealing a room with organization called Big Top Secret Organization (BTSO), this is similar to Totally Spies! when the three girls sucked everywhere to World Organization Of Human Protection (WOOHP) with Jerry James Lewis.
  • This episode was the first to not have the normal intro. The second was The Adventures of Jimmy Neutron Boy Genius: Attack of the Twonkies
  • When Professor Calamitous is initiating "Operation Meltdown", the mountain on the screen is the mountain from the Paramount Pictures logo of 2003
  • A deleted scene showed Carl playing an accordion.
  • When this special premiered, it used the DiC Entertainment logo instead of the DNA Productions logo. This was corrected in later airings.


  • During the scene of Carl playing the accordion, Ultra Lord is upside down.
  • When Professor Calamitous is initiating operation meltdown, there are various closed captioning errors.
  • SpongeBob's pineapple house flees in the next scene.

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