Operation Candytuft

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Operation Candytuft
Part of World War II
Date27 October 1943
Result British victory
 United Kingdom  Italy  Germany
Casualties and losses
Two captured

During World War II, Operation Candytuft was a British raid by 2nd Special Air Service launched on 27 October 1943.


Inserted by boat on Italy’s east coast between Ancona and Pescara, the troopers were to destroy railway bridges and disrupt rear areas. The raid was conducted by No. 3 Commando and 6 Demolition Corps under the command of Major Terence Otway. They were dropped as planned at Naine, a small village 10 miles north of the objectives. A fire fight broke out in the village due to the unexpected presence of the 153 grenadiers who were transferred from the Gustav line three days earlier. In order to replenish his supplies Major Ottoway retreated south to Malconi where he and his team were surrounded by the Wehrmacht and later surrendered.

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