Operation Deliverance

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Operation Deliverance
Part of Somali Civil War
Date December 1992 - May 1993
Location Somalia

Decisive Canadian Military victory

 Canada United Somali Congress
Commanders and leaders
Brian Mulroney
John de Chastelain
Mohamed 'Tiger' I. Barre
Units involved
Canadian Airborne Regiment
1,400 troops
1 Flying squadron
1 Supply ship

Operation Deliverance was a Canadian Forces peace making military operation in Somalia and formed part of the United Nations peace making deployment to that country. The mission began on December the 3rd, 1992 and involved about 1,400 Canadian troops, a helicopter unit and the supply ship HMCS Preserver.[1][2]

By its end in May 1993, it turned into a political disaster for the Canadian Forces known as the Somalia Affair and was also marked by a few, low key, protest marches in both Somalia, Kenya and Ohio. This, among other things, caused the disbandment of the Canadian Airborne Regiment in 1995 and numerous subsequent dismissals and resignations along the chain of command up to, but not including, the Minister of Defence. Regardless of this, Canada's mission objectives were largely completed including the freeing of a captured Canadian journalist and the defeat of the Somali warlord Mohamed 'Tiger' I. Barre.[1][2]

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